South Tucson Bed Bug Treatment

Pest-man-final“We have years of experience servicing Tucson residents.  Our team of professional technicians provide excellent customer service.  We also understand that every customer has specific needs and we work hard to address our customers bed bug problem.”

Bed Bug Removal in South Tucson

Providing same day bed bug treatment in Tucson and surrounding areas including South Tucson, Arizona Heat is Arizona’s best bed bug extermination specialist. We have performed over 8000 successful bed bug treatments in Arizona. Call Today, We will be there today!

Arizona Heat Pest Services is family owned and operated. We’re a second generation pest control company with nearly a decade of pest control experience and knowledge of Arizona’s pests.

Our knowledgeable technicians are licensed pesticide applicators and are highly trained in our bed bug heat treatment procedures. We are here to help you get past the bed bug problem for good!

Bed Bug Treatment Options:

Option One - Heat Treatment

Kill the bed bugs NOW!

The best way to kill all bed bugs is with our heat treatment. Using specialized heating equipment, we heat the entire infested space to 150 degrees. We can heat just one room, or the entire structure. This heating technique kills all bed bugs and eggs within the entire space in 8 hours or less. 18 month bed bug warranty is included with treatment of entire home.

Option Two - Pesticide Treatment

Kill the bed bugs for LESS!

Our application of specific pesticides to the furniture and flooring will kill all bed bugs within a 30 day period. There are no pesticides that can kill the bed bugs eggs. Once the bed bugs hatch from their eggs they will crawl onto the treated areas and be killed. 6 month bed bug warranty is included with treatment.

Arizona’s Bed Bug Extermination Specialist

We quickly and safely heat the effected areas to 150 degrees to eliminate pesticide resistant bed bugs. This kills all bugs and eggs everywhere they are hiding. Under flooring, inside furniture, and within the walls and ceiling.

Bed BugWe are dedicated to your satisfaction!

No Hassle Long Term warranty included with any bed bug treatment.

Residential and Commercial Bed Bug Removal

We are true bed bug specialists – bed bugs are all we do. We work in both residential and commercial settings and use treatment methods unlike any other pest control company that will eliminate all bugs in a single treatment, GUARANTEED!

Unconditional 18-Month Warranty

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