Pest Control Services

Tucson Pest Control Services

Bed bug treatment is the only service we provided from 2012 to 2019. We became the industry leader by offering the most effective type of bed bug treatments and long-term bed bug warranty rather than a wimpy guarantee. As the business grew, we developed excellent internal training and quality assurance programs to maintain the highest possible level of customer service. By 2019 we were so confident in our ability to successfully exterminate bed bugs with heat treatment and pesticide applications that we believed we could also provide our customers with other quality pest control services. We now offer all types of pest control services to residential and commercial customers in Tucson and Surrounding areas. We are blessed to serve you!

One Time Pest Control Services

Quality pest control service for a specific pest or pest prevention. Inside and/or outside service that will provide you with long lasting protection from most of Arizona’s Pests. No guarantee or warranty is included with the one time service unless otherwise indicated on your service agreement.

Monthly Pest Control Services

On our first visit we inspect to identify any specific pest issues. We carefully apply chemistry to cracks and crevices as needed inside. We recommend and perform small repairs to prevent pest entry. Then we come back every month to check in with you and apply chemistry to the outside.


Outdoor and Indoor extermination for various kinds of ants for residential and commercial customers. Depending on the type of ants we may use wet or dry pesticide or ant bait stations.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Treatment Services we offer include: Bed Bug Inspection, Bed Bug Heat Treatment, Bed Bug Pesticide Treatment, Bed Bug Warranty included with treatment in case they come back.

Carpet Beetles

Customers often think they have bed bugs when it is actually carpet beetles. We’re great at carpet beetle extermination using careful application of pesticide to the interior and exterior of commercial and residential structures. The larvae stage of carpet beetles looks like a small hairy worm. The hairs of the larvae can cause skin irritation and they become embedded in sheets, blankets, and other fabrics.


Outdoor and Indoor Cockroach extermination services for residential and commercial customers. We must first inspect to identify the type of roaches and provide an effective service plan. German cockroach extermination is more costly and requires more trips to control or exterminate completely.

Fleas or Mites

Many of our customers can not figure out what is biting them. They often think it may be fleas or mites if they can not find bed bugs. Fleas are very uncommon in Tucson, but if we find fleas we can exterminate them. Mites are much harder to identify and may require a microscope to identify them.


Mice, Roof Rats, and Pack Rats

Installation of outdoor bait stations to reduce outdoor rodent populations. Indoor Trapping for roof rats and mice that are inside the structure. Ongoing services are required to check and set traps and refill bait. After all rodents are out we can seal openings to prevent entry.

Pack Rats

Cleanout of pack rat nests that contain all manner of debris including cactus and feces. After cleanout the area is sanitized. Afterward we can exterminate the pack rats by installing bait stations and pesticide bait. Multiple trips are required to check and fill bait stations.


Extermination of indoor and outdoor spiders using pesticide. We must physically remove some spiders, such as black widows. Our pest control service also reduces or eliminates insects that spiders and other arachnids (like scorpions) feed on. We also clean the webs from the inside and outside of your home or business.


Outdoor fogging of non-flowering plants and surfaces to exterminate mosquitoes that land on those surfaces. If indoor mosquitoes are present we determine where they are coming from, eliminate existing indoor mosquitoes with pesticide, and make recommendations to prevent indoor mosquitoes.

Tucson Termite Treatment

Subterranean Termites, Drywood Termites, Carpenter Bees, Carpenter Ants

We provide treatment for subterranean termites, dry wood termites, and other wood destroying organisms such as powder post beetles and carpenter bees.