Bed Bug Pesticide Spray Treatment

Affordable Bed Bug Treatment in Tucson AZIf you need to get rid of bed bugs on a budget then this treatment is right for you. Get guaranteed bed bug treatment at the most affordable price possible.

Low Cost Bed Bug Treatment Tucson

Our pesticide treatment for bed bugs is the lower cost option compared to the heat treatment.

Does Arizona Heat’s Pesticide Treatment Work For Bed Bugs?

Yes. It just doesn’t work as fast as the heat treatment. The heat treatment kills all of the eggs as well as adults. The pesticide treatment takes longer to kill the infestation because the eggs are not killed by pesticide.

What are the drawbacks to the pesticide treatment?

It can take 30 days or more to kill all the bed bugs unless we use heat. The eggs will continue to hatch out over 10 days and those babies can bite. Also, juvenile and adult bed bugs will be aggravated by the pesticide treatment and may increase in activity initially.

Is the pesticide treatment guaranteed?

Yes. We include a 6 month warranty when we perform a bed bug pesticide treatment of the whole home in most cases. If the bed bugs are not dead at 30 days, then we come treat again for free. If bed bugs reappear later for any reason (within the warranty period), then we treat the place again for free.
Why can AZ Heat Kill the bed bugs with pesticide when the other companies can’t?

All that we do is bed bug treatment. Our successful pesticide treatments can be attributed to our attention to detail, selection of pesticide, and accompanying procedures.