Bed Bug Heat Treatment Tucson

Capitan heat is Tucson's Superhero who saves the citizens from the evil bed bugs with his heat treatmentOur bed bug heat treatment is the most effective bed bug extermination method available. It is also the quickest way to kill all bed bugs in your home.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Tucson

Why is Arizona Heat’s bed bug heat treatment the most effective method to kill bed bugs?

Bed bugs are resistant to most pesticides today. They are not resistant to heat. When performed properly, the heat treatment will reach all bed bug hiding places to kill them all. Our heat treatment kills all stages of life including the eggs.

How does the heat treatment work?

We use specialized heating equipment to heat the entire room or building to 150 degrees. This extreme temperature is circulated and directed to all of the areas where the bed bugs are nesting.

Is my home, or are my belongings going to be damaged by the heat treatment?

No. Our technicians are highly trained to help prepare the home prior to the treatment. No damage will be done to the structure during treatment. Belongings will not be damaged if the home is prepared correctly.

Does Arizona Heat use pesticide with the heat treatment?

Pesticide treatment is optional along with the heat. We include specific pesticide in certain areas to provide a long lasting protection against the bed bugs. Let us know if you do not want pesticide and we will be happy to oblige.

How long do you have to be out of the treated areas?

Plan to be out of the treated areas for 8-12 hours to allow the temperature to normalize and allow pesticide to dry.

How much does a bed bug heat treatment cost?

Every situation is different, contact us for pricing.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Tucson Infographic

Watch the video below to see our bed bug heat treatment in action.