Free Bed Bug Inspection

Tucson Bed Bug Treatment

Get A Free Bed Bug Inspection & Quote!

Give us a call or fill out the form to set up your free inspection and quote. There is no charge and no pressure. The visit is free whether we find bed bugs or not. If we find bed bugs we can schedule treatment immediately.

What to Expect: A Professional Technician – Not a Salesman.

We are happy to send an experienced technician to your home to assess the situation.  Our professional technician arrives in a discreet vehicle with no words or pictures indicating “bed bugs”. We will check the beds, couches, and other areas of concern for bed bug activity.

If we find bed bugs, then we will recommend the best treatment option for your situation and will be able to perform the treatment right away.

If we don’t find bed bugs, then there’s no charge for the trip.

Do you need a dog to find bed bugs?

The short answer is No. Bed bugs can bee seen my the human eye as they are the size of a ladybug as an adult. Canines can be an effective tool for bed bug inspection, however if we can find bed bugs with the human eye then bed bug dogs are not necessary. If you are convinced that canine inspection is necessary, choose a third party for canine bed bug inspection. If a company offers bed bug treatment AND bed bug dogs, then how can you trust that the canine results are unbiased? We recommend to use a third party for canine detection to ensure truthful results. Click here to learn more about bed bug canines.