About Us

“I am waiting way up there above Mount Lemmon.
I am Watching and listening for the distressed calls.
The citizens of Tucson, Sierra Vista, and Benson need me.
If you need a ‘savin from a creepy pest villain.
I am your strawberry.”

Arizona Heat Pest Services proudly serves all areas of Tucson. Our team cares about you, your family, your belongings, and your property. We understand that the presence of bed bugs in the home effects all areas of life. We are here to help you get back to normal fast! Arizona Heat is blessed to serve you!

  • 2007


    Sterling Miller, the owner of Arizona Heat, began gaining his pest control experience working for a pest control company called The Beekeeper, Total Bee Control. He was 19 years old when he started. Sterling’s uncle, K. Chris Miller, has owned and managed The Beekeeper since 1998. You may have guessed that The Beekeeper only does bee removal. This is where we got the concept of specialization in one pest.

  • 2010

    Sterling Injured

    Sterling injured his back severely. The pain, though not as severe, limits Sterling’s physical abilities. Do not injure your back!


  • 2011

    Entity Formation

    in 2011 Sterling formed the entity Your Edible Landscape, LLC that would become American Services Unlimited LLC, DBA Arizona Heat Pest Services. Sterling installed Organic vegetable gardens for a short time with this entity.

  • 2012

    Statewide Bed Bug Services

    Began serving All of Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Northern AZ, and Tucson. We were willing to go anywhere to exterminate those evil bloodsuckers, bed bugs.


  • 2014

    Permanent Tucson Expansion

    Our team member, Oscar, volunteered to relocate to Tucson. Oscar is no longer with us. His Tucson Local Apprentice, Robert replaced him.

  • Early 2015

    Permanent Expansion to Houston TX

    Three of our Team Members relocated to Houston to stake our claim.

    Early 2015

  • Late 2015

    Permanent Dallas Expansion

    One of the three team mates who relocated to Houston, relocated to Dallas to stake our claim there.

  • Mid 2016

    Double Expansion to Denver and Seattle

    Sterling’s Father, Tim Relocated to Denver to start a Heat Pest company. Two of AZ Heat’s Team members relocated to the Seattle area to try our Luck There. Unfortunately Seattle lasted only two months before we closed and the team members came home.

    Mid 2016

  • 2018

    Los Angeles

    Heat Pest Services opened in Los Angeles, California With Sterling’s Uncle and Cousin, Chris and Cole Miller.

  • 2019

    Major Internal Infrastructure Overhaul

    Huge investments were made to improve training and quality assurance programs for all Heat Pest Services companies.


  • 2019

    Pest Control and Termites

    Heat Pest Companies Began Offering Pest Control and Termite Services. Up until this point, bed bugs was our only business.

  • Late 2019

    Reno Nevada Branch Opened

    The Reno Branch closed after a few months. You may guess why.

    Late 2019

  • 2020

    Uh... No

    Erase this year

  • 2021

    Celebrating 10 Years in Business

    Today we look back at our first ten years. We think about our successes, our failures, and what we learned from them. We think about our plans for the future and what plans God has for us as a company and as people.


Reputable Bed Bug Exterminator in Tucson and surrounding areas.

Arizona Heat Pest Services is a family owned and operated second generation pest control company. We serve all of Tucson, Sierra vista, Benson, Casa Grande, Arizona City, Ajo and more.

For nearly ten years, bed bug treatment was the only service we provided. Beginning in 2012, we performed bed bug heat treatments. Our dream from the beginning was to become the largest and best bed bug treatment company in the USA. It was not long after we started that we overtook the Arizona competitors. Our offerings were far superior to the other bed bug non-heroes. Our willingness to work anytime, anywhere, and however long the duration, led to very happy customers. Our unique and proprietary equipment led to increased effectiveness and safety. We never did any other kinds of pest control before 2019. We wanted to get the heat treatment right, develop training and accountability practices, and grow as a company before offering other services. Bed bugs are the hardest of all the pest villains to exterminate. If We can handle them with ease, we can handle any of the others.

Bed Bug mission
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