About Us

Perched above the vistas of Mount Lemmon, I vigilantly keep watch. Tuned into the calls for help, I’m here for the people of Tucson, Sierra Vista, and Benson. When the shadow of a pest looms, and you seek a beacon of hope, look no further. I am your guardian, your beacon of light in the fight against the creeping menace. Rely on me, for I am your steadfast ally in this battle

At Arizona Heat Pest Services, we extend our expertise across all of Tucson, offering a comprehensive suite of pest control solutions tailored to protect you, your family, and your property. From the distress of bed bugs with our specialized heat and pesticide treatments to combating termites, rodents, weeds, and more, our dedicated team is committed to restoring peace and normalcy to your life. Whether it’s a residential haven or commercial space, Arizona Heat is honored to serve and safeguard your environment against any pest challenge.

Reputable Bed Bug Exterminator in Tucson and surrounding areas.

Arizona Heat Pest Services is a family owned and operated second generation pest control company. We serve all of Tucson, Sierra vista, Benson, Casa Grande, Arizona City, Ajo and more.

For nearly ten years, bed bug treatment was the only service we provided. Beginning in 2012, we performed bed bug heat treatments. Our dream from the beginning was to become the largest and best bed bug treatment company in the USA. It was not long after we started that we overtook the Arizona competitors. Our offerings were far superior to the other bed bug non-heroes. Our willingness to work anytime, anywhere, and however long the duration, led to very happy customers. Our unique and proprietary equipment led to increased effectiveness and safety. We never did any other kinds of pest control before 2019. We wanted to get the heat treatment right, develop training and accountability practices, and grow as a company before offering other services. Bed bugs are the hardest of all the pest villains to exterminate. If We can handle them with ease, we can handle any of the others.

Bed Bug mission