Bed Bug Detection Canines

Canine Detection for Bed Bugs

Canine Detection for Bed Bugs

The noses of Canines have been used for detection of drugs, cadavers, bombs, and yes – bed bugs. Canines are very useful in helping to determine if there are bed bugs present before or after a treatment.

We won’t pretend to be dog trainers/handlers, we just kill the bed bugs.

We do not offer in-house canine detection, we prefer to use a third party.

Competitors offer in-house bed bug detection canines, but how can they be trusted? The dog handler is just as important as the dog – a biased dog handler may provide a biased inspection.

Don’t Trust in-house Bed Bug Canines! We use a third party!

Our third party canine detection service is not biased as they do not offer treatment services themselves. The only service they offer is bed bug detection using canines.

Once your home is treated, make sure the bed bugs are all gone with our 3rd party Canine Detection.

100% accurate, 100% honest.

Unconditional 18-Month Warranty

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