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Welcome Ya’ll! If you’re reading this page, then you must be considering us in your decision of who will provide your bed bug treatment or pest control services. Besides our stellar, glowing reviews from our amazing, REAL customers there are some other reasons to choose Arizona Heat Pest Services for your bed bug treatment. We are the only bed bug specialist company in Arizona that has Local Tucson technicians, rather than sending their worst technician down here from Phoenix. When we started exterminating bed bugs in 2011 we were the first company to focus all of our energy to perfecting our bed bug services and not offering ANY OTHER pest control service. Our customer’s loved us back then and they would always ask us if we could do their regular pest control. We always declined because we were so focused on being the best bed bug exterminators that ever were, anywhere. And that is exactly what we did. We are the best and only bed bug super heroes servicing your area. We promise to give you the best price, best service, and best warranty, you could hope for. If you need a bed bug hero contact Captain Heat with Arizona Heat Pest Services. Thank you for your consideration! We are blessed to serve you!

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